Assembly videos

MOONSTONE - Assembly video

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We made this video to provide further visual assistance and guidance during your assembly process.

In order to help you assemble your art statues please refer to the assembly guide included with your House of Gog art statue. 

Please note that our art statues are well engineered and easy to assemble, so this should be fun and easy. Always be careful when handling polyresin statues as they are fragile products.

Enjoy your new art statue!


Nous avons produit ce vidéo afin de vous offrir une assistance visuelle additionnelle et un guide de plus pour soutenir le processus d’assemblage de votre art statue House of Gog.

Sachez que nos art statues sont bien conçues et facile à assembler, mais la polyrésine est une matière fragile donc il faut toujours faire attention. 

Félicitation pour votre nouvelle art statue!


JAAK - Assembly video


Reach out to us directly if you are having any issues: